by J├╝rgen Scheuring

State-of-the-art Measuring Technology for Time Sensitive Networks in the Automotive Industry

TSN Systems and UMAN present Release 1.0 of TSN Tools and TSN Box at the Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich

Modern EE architectures are characterized by massive use of Ethernet and protocols from the family of Time Sensitive Networks (TSN). Combined with the dynamic principles of service-oriented architecture, completely new scenarios arise in the development and validation of ECUs. After more than 16 months of development, TSN Systems launches a tool that addresses these challenges: TSN Tools and TSN Box in Release 1.0

High precision and easy operation
The system supports the development engineer in his daily work with a broad functionality, high precision and at the same time intuitive operation. In the development, special attention was paid to a steep learning curve for employees who have no previous experience with Automotive Ethernet.

Nanoseconds accurate and scalable
The FPGA-based TSN box can be used as a nanosecond-accurate TAP device as well as AVB/TSN talker/listener to realize even complex Rest-net simulations. Among others, the automotive physical layers 100 Base-T1 and 1000 Base-T1 are supported. For larger set-ups, any number of TSN boxes can be synchronized with high precision using a PTP capable switch.
The TSN tools are realized as a platform-independent PC software and offer the developer the opportunity to work natively under Linux. The core of the TSN tools is a time-line, with which the temporal correlations of the packages to each other are visualized very intuitively and efficiently.
The system will be live at the Automotive Ethernet Congress on February 30/31 at the Hilton in Munich, Germany

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